Hey, listen. We're super tired of cliche hyped-up marketing for writers who want to leave their day jobs.

You might be too. Did you roll your eyes when you clicked over here and saw our beach selfie? I mean, c'mon. Enough with the beach selfies. We get it, you've been to Tulum!

(Sorry, we also drink a lot of coffee.)

We're Krystal and Michelle Christina, the founders of Day Job Optional.

We took that selfie during one of our work-from-anywhere excursions. For almost a month, we worked on freelance writing gigs by night and lounged on Mexico's beaches by day. 

That trip didn't require clearance from either of our bosses... because we'd both quit our jobs by the time our plane took off.

Krystal is a ghostwriter and editor. Michelle Christina is a copywriter. Both of us are passionate about avoiding the rat race and sharing expert advice with other writers who want to proactively and sustainably grow online careers.

How are we different than every other freelance writing blog you've stumbled across? 

We're honest, down to earth and not boring AF. We also create our content based on questions our readers ask. This entire website and everything that lives on it? It was built for writers like you.

Also, if you already have a dozen excuses why this isn't going to work for you, let us set you straight.

Fact: We are living in the digital age.

It looks something like this!


Also, there's this thing called the internet, and it grants anyone with access to it the power to change their lives forever.

You are basically Jem and WiFi is freakin' Synergy. (Confused? Google it after you finish reading this page and thank us later.)

With the power of this technology (which we all take for granted), you can launch a freelance writing career, work with clients from all over the world, and even make more money than you ever have at a day job, right from your laptop.

Are you a writer?

Do you want to be a writer?

Are you even a little bit curious about working online?

Sign up and we'll make sure you get the goods.

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We can't wait to meet you!

MC & K
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